Go Ventless, Cook Almost Anywhere with Wells Ventless Solutions

Wells offers a full line of ventless hoods, ventless canopies, and all-in-one units with fryers, hot plates, griddles, and warming drawers.

Wells Ventless Hoods are a great alternative to traditional Type-1 ventilation systems for many reasons.

  • Historic buildings prohibit traditional ducted hoods and/or rooftop fans for ventilation
  • Extensive duct-work for traditional hoods may be cost prohibitive in most high-rise buildings, stadiums, and arenas
  • Many building designs including malls, food courts, airports, etc., do not lend themselves to traditional hood installations
  • Ventless hoods are considered equipment and may be depreciated quickly, providing a valuable tax benefit
  • Ventless hoods are a portable asset making them a perfect solution for leased spaces
  • If no hood space is available, ventless hoods create the added capacity allowing for higher volume production and/or menu expansion

Features and benefits of Wells Ventless Hood Cooking Systems:

  • Ventless hoods do not need to be vented outside
  • Hoods accommodate most electric cooking equipment
  • Fully self-contained ANSUL fire suppression included
  • Complies with local fire and mechanical codes
  • Certified Type-1 hood, Wells ventless qualifies for the removal of grease-laden vapors
  • 4-Stage filtration exceeds NFPA 96 & its standard EPA 202 test method for particulate emissions Wells ventless filters are more efficient than
  • ESP cells and much easier to maintain
  • Saves labor – unlike ESP cells which require daily cleaning, Wells ventless filters last for months
  • Early warning lights for easy ventless hood filter replacement
  • Sensing system continually monitors airflow to optimize performance and grease removal
  • Optional duct adapter allows for the exhausting of heated, processed air (VCS units only)
  • Hoods can be directly or indirectly vented
  • Adjustable legs allow for installation in some challenging spaces
  • Wells ventless hoods are a portable asset making them a great solution for leased spaces

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