Water-Saver Heated Disher Well

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Wells Heated Disher Well is designed for use in chef’s counters, serving counters, beverage stations and anywhere food portion utensils are used. Water temperature is held at a preset temperature above 150 F to prevent the growth
of allergens and bacteria.

  • Save Money on environmental water disposal fees, which often cost more than the incoming water
  • Go Green – Saves 180 gallon of water a day per disher well based on 1 2 hours of operation
  • Food Sate – Protects customers by holding serving utensils above 150°F
  • Energy Saving – Reduce hot water cost by over 2/3 compared to standard hot water dipper wells (save over $300 dollars a year on hot water heating expense)
  • All stainless steel exterior construction
  • Features Quick & Easy drain lever for fast draining and cleaning
  • Easy to install using three clamping brackets to attach the well to the counter
  • Fits in a standard dipper well cut-out making it perfect for replacement in existing installations
  • Available with or without faucet
  • Faucet may be mounted on either left or right sideof well
  • 3/4″ male NPT drain fitting
  • 64 ounce water capacity
  • Cord & plug included

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Operating and Cleaning