Wells Drop-in Hot Food Well | Model MOD100


11 Available Models

Single Pan 12″ x 20″, Top-Mount:

  • MOD100-120, MOD100
  • MOD100D-120, MOD100D
  • MOD100T-120, MOD100T, MOD100T-230
  • MOD100TD-120, MOD100TD, MOD100TD-230
  • MOD100TDAF
Wells heavy-duty, top-mount, drop-in, Modular food warmers are designed to hold heated foods at safe and fresh serving temperatures. Wells MOD100 Series accommodates one 12 x 20 standard food pans or equivalent fractional inset pans and are designed for wet or dry operation.

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Additional features include auto water, select models are field convertible from 3 to 1 , drains, drains with manifolds, cord and plugs available on thermostatically control models, and infinite or thermostatic controls. Variations include infinite control, thermostat control, and autofill.

  • CONSTRUCTION – One-piece stainless steel top flange and heavy-gauge, deep-drawn stainless steel warming pans are standard features on all models. WellsLoks are standard for quick and easy installation.
  • INSULATION – Sides, front, back and bottom are fully insulated for energy savings, efficiency, quicker pre-heat and faster recovery.
  • CONTROLS & HEATING – Individual controls for each well provide maximum versatility. Models with thermostatic or infinite controls are available. High-limits prevent overheating. Temperature-ready indicator lights are standard on all control types. Powerful tubular heating elements are located under the warming pans for quick and efficient heating and for even heat distribution.
  • Accommodates one 12”x20” standard inset pans or equivalent fractional pans
  • One-piece stainless steel top flange and heavy-gauge, deep drawn stainless steel warming pans
  • Suitable for wet or dry operation (wet recommended for best results)
  • Energy-saving fully-insulated construction
  • Fully insulated models are perfect for non-metal counters
  • Thermostatic or infinite controls
  • Separate controls for each individual wells
  • High limits prevent overheating
  • Thermostatic controls are recessed in a one-piece, drawn, front-mounted panel
  • WellsLock standard for ease of installation
  • Powerful tubular heating elements
  • 1/2” drains and manifolds available
  • Cords & plugs available

Spec Sheet

MOD 100 (T & TD) Install Sheet

MOD 100 (TD/AF) Install Sheet

Wells Maintenance

MOD100 & 100D Owners Manual

MOD100TD Owners Manual

MOD100TDAF Owners Manual