15 different models available:

  • MOD127T, MOD127TD, MOD127TDAF
  • MOD327T, MOD327TD, MOD327TDM,
Wells heavy-duty, top-mount, drop-in, modular food warmer are designed to hold heated food at safe and fresh serving temperatures. Narrow, Slim Line MOD warmers are ideal for narrow counters and are available in two or three well models. Wells MOD 200N Series accommodates two 12  x 20 standard food pans or equivalent fractional inset pans while the MOD300N Series accommodates three 12  x 20 standard food pans or equivalent fractional inset pans and are designed for wet or dry operation.

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Each pan is 208/240V, 3 (1 ), 1240/1650W. Additional features include auto water-fill to maintain proper water level, select models are field convertible from 1 to 3 , drains, drains with manifolds, cord & plugs available on thermostatically control models, and infinite or thermostatic controls.

  • Construction – One-piece stainless steel top flange and heavy-gauge, deep-drawn stainless steel warming pans are standard features on all models. Wellsloks are standard for quick and easy installation.
  • Insulation – Sides, front, back and bottom are fully insulated for energy savings, efficiency, quicker pre-heat and faster recovery.
  • Controls & Heating- Individual controls for each well provide maximum versatility. Slim line models feature thermostatic controls. High-limits prevent overheating. Temperature-ready indicator lights are standard on all control types. Powerful tubular heating elements are located under the warming pans for quick and efficient heating and for even heat distribution.
  • Accommodates 12” by 20” standard inset pans or equivalent
    fractional pans per well
  • One-piece stainless steel top flange and heavy-gauge, deep-drawn stainless steel warming pans
  • Suitable for wet or dry operation (wet recommended for best results)
  • Energy-saving fully-insulated construction
  • Fully Insulated models are perfect for non-metal counters
  • Thermostatic controls standard
  • Separate controls for each individual wells
  • High limits prevent overheating
  • Thermostatic controls are recessed in a one-piece, drawn, front-mounted panel
  • Wellslok standard for ease of installation
  • Powerful tubular heating elements
  • ½” drains and manifolds available
  • 2-Year Limited Parts & 1-Year Limited Labor Warranty

Hot/Cold Brochure

Spec Sheet

MOD127 T/TD Install Sheet

MOD127 TD/AF Install Sheet

MOD227 TDM/AF Install Sheet

MOD327 TDM/AF Install Sheet

MOD427 TDM/AF Install Sheet

MOD527 TDM/AF Install Sheet

MOD427 (TDM w/ Water Fill) Install Sheet

Wells Maintenance

MOD127TD Owners Manual

MOD127TDAF Owners Manual

MOD227-527 Owners Manual

MOD227-527 Owners Manual (Arabic)