Mobile Oil Caddy | Model WAOC1

Oil Disposal Caddy

Simplify your life and get the new Wells Mobile Oil Caddy. Now you can discard used oil quickly and easily with no-muss, no-fuss. Just roll the caddy where you need it, pump the oil from the fryer into the caddy, and go! To dispose of the contents, rotate the handle in the opposite direction. It’s compact size can be effortlessly transported and easily stored. The stainless-steel oil container will withstand years of heavy-duty use. It works with fryers of all types – from countertop designs to high-production floor models. The Wells Mobile Oil Caddy does one thing and it does it very well.

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Mobile Oil Disposal Floor Caddy with manual pump

  • 100 lb. oil capacity will accommodate the needs of all fryers
  • You can remove 50 lbs. of oil in under 3 min
  • Four locking swivel casters provide maximum mobility in any direction
  • Rotating pump assemble allows easy positioning
  • Oil hose insertion holes located in top cover for easy access
  • Ideal pump handle height for easy turning
  • Removable pump and hose assembly permits under-counter storage
  • High volume, easy to turn pump handle saves time
  • Dependable, easy-to-use cast iron valve type bi-directional pump

Spec Sheet