Ordering Information

How to place an order

Information/Orders, Customer Service, & Chain Support:

P. 800.264.7827 (option 1)
F: 314-781-5445
E: orders@wells-mfg.com

International Sales

Middleby Worldwide
P: (847) 741-3300
F: (847) 741-0015
E: mww@middleby.com

Giorgio Di Giacomo
Vice President International Sales
APW | Bakers Pride | Star Holdings
C: +39.335.8055936
E: gdigiacomo@apwbakerspride.com

Asia Pacific

Middleby China Corp.
P: 86-21-6769-0808
F: 86-21-6762-7640
E: jerrykoo@middleby.com.cn

Latin America

Middleby Worldwide / S.A. de C.V.
P: 011-5255-3067-0200
F: 011-5255-5300-7750
E: jrichardson@middleby.com
W: middleby.com.mx


Middleby Worldwide / Europe
P: 011-3494-454-2815
F: 011-3494-454-0257

Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa
E: mwweurope@middleby.com

E: adelatorre@middleby.com
W: middleby.es

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAIL OR FAX AN ORDER, please call a Wells Sales Representative or the factory. Wells Customer Service Department hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time.
NOTE: If placing order by phone, please send confirming order to a Wells Sales Representative or the factory. Make sure to mark written order “CONFIRMING” to avoid duplicate orders, and please send to the attention of the person with whom you placed the order.


NEW ACCOUNT MINIMUM ORDER POLICY: Contact your local sales representative to fill out application. $4000 minimum first time order required. All applications are subject to approval.

  • A. Purchase order number.
  • B. SHIP TO and BILL TO addresses.
  • C. Phone number and person to contact in case of questions.
  • D. Product numbers, descriptions and electrical specifications of all items ordered.
  • E. Note any special shipping instructions.

1Ø: single phase.
3Ø: three phase.
3Ø (1Ø): three phase, field convertible to single phase.
1Ø (3Ø): single phase, field convertible to three phase.
U : means product is LISTED by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
NOTE: Special voltage requests may impact UL certification.
R : means product is approved under the component recognition program of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.
NOTE: Installation of Recognized Units requires additional evaluation to Underwriters Laboratories Standards.
o : means product design is certified by the CSA Gas Division, for use in USA and Canada.
C : means product design is certified by the CSA Gas Division, for use in USA only.
N : all catalog items are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, unless otherwise noted.
: means product is listed by Intertek testing laboratories.
EXPORT ORDERS Please consult factory.



  • A. Inspect your shipments immediately. The transportation company is responsible for the merchandise while it is in transit to you.
  • B. If there is a shortage or damage to your shipment, action must be taken by you to notify carrier within 48 hours of receipt of shipment to assure approval of claim. It is the duty and responsibility of the delivering carrier to give you a written report of such shortage or damage following notification.
  • C. For visible shortage or damage do not accept delivery unless the condition is noted on your copy of the freight bill and signed by the driver. If damaged and unacceptable, please advise the carrier of this and also notify Wells Manufacturing.
  • D. CONCEALED DAMAGE: If the damage is concealed, notify the carrier within 48 hours by phone and in writing, asking them to send their agent to complete an inspection report. Retain all cartons and merchandise for their inspection report and claim approval.
  • E. It is critical that you file a written claim with the carrier within 48 hours of receipt of shipment for any shortage or concealed damage. Enclose with your claim:
    • 1. Carrier’s Inspection Report
    • 2. Paid freight bill
    • 3. Original or Certified Copy of invoice


Goods may not be returned without prior approval from Wells. In order for merchandise to be returned, it must be in the original carton and unopened. Product must be less than six months old from date of invoice. Special merchandise built to a buyer’s specifications may not be returned. Returned goods must be shipped to Wells prepaid and will be credited at invoice less 30% restocking charge. The restocking charge will be reduced to 20% if a replacement unit is ordered. ALL CARTONS RETURNED MUST BE MARKED WITH RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. A NUMBERED FORM WITH THE CARTON LABEL WILL BE MAILED TO THE CUSTOMER FOR EACH REQUEST. MULTIPLE CARTONS MUST EACH BE MARKED WITH THE RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. A return authorization request will only be issued for a minimum purchase of $200 list price.


Orders for non-stock equipment built to a buyer’s specifications will be subject to a 50% charge to the dealer in the
event of cancellation.